Salt is not merely a seasoning, it is a necessary nutrient. All forms of life require salt to survive. Long term inadequate salt intake in humans can cause general body weakness, dizziness, oedema, muscle spasms, dehydration, heart problems, etc. Salt maintains the balance of body energy.

The medicinal use of burnt salt originated in Korea 1300 years ago when both monks and doctors made the healing salt and used it for a variety of ailments. With extensive research, Richway has built on the age-old wisdom and developed Detoxi 300 hours salt (Detoxi) and is it recognized internationally as a healthy nutrient which greatly improves the overall state of health and well-being.


What is the process?

Natural sun-dried salt is packed inside hollow sections of 3-year old bamboo and burned with pure yellow ochre for 300 hours at 2000o Fahrenheit. This extreme heat eliminates toxins, heavy metals and other chemicals (Chloride magnesium) and produces a pure grade of light salt with reduced natrium and increased chloride. It contains numerous essential minerals and micro nutrients which help balance the osmosis pressure. Detoxi contains a high content of phosphorus zinc and ionized hydrogen with extreme oxidation reduction potential.
This process has been safely utilized by Richway for more than 50 years to produce this exceptionally high quality product.

Detoxi absorbs and stores a vast quantity of energy during the process of high temperatures/ fast cooling and when ingested, balances and maintains energy levels. Energy is released in the body to activate cells, vitalize the internal body organs and enhance the immune system.

Detoxi contains ionized hydrogen which has an extremely high oxidation reduction potential bringing the osmosis pressure level of the body’s cells into balance. It balances the essential ratio of trace elements and the pH of body fluid making it a very powerful antioxidant.


The overall health benefits of Detoxi:

Superior quality salt is a treasure trove of trace elements and as a result, maintains the balance of minerals and nutrients in the body. Research at a Korean health institute has shown the effects of Detoxi as balancing the osmosis pressure and controlling blood pressure. It also maintains the normal activities of cells, including the day to day activity of the blood, circulatory, digestive, urinary, joint and skin systems.

Detoxi maintains the balance of pH value in the body
By balancing the pH value of body fluids (especially the blood), Detoxi changes an acidic constitution into a healthy one. While supporting higher pH blood levels, it balances blood salt resulting in overall health benefits. It also balances the essential ratio of trace elements and the pH of body fluid.

Cosmetic benefits
Detoxi softens the skin. Washing the face with a solution of Detoxi and water results in the skin tone being enhanced and the texture becoming soft and supple. If applied to the entire body, along with benefits to the face and neck, the cleansing effect actually helps burn extra fat by increasing the metabolic rate of the body.

Help with Acne issues
Because most acne is caused by bacteria, the extreme cleansing of Detoxi and a small amount of water, effectively eradicates the bacteria completely.

Healthy addition to food
Detoxi contains various natural minerals and micro nutrients beneficial to the health and well-being of the body. It can be used in place of table salt to create very positive outcomes.


Suggested Use:

For maximum results, one pack of Detoxi (2 grams) prior to heat therapy and/or 30 minutes before meals for up to 3 times per day is recommended.


Detoxi should be taken with at least 8oz of water. It is important to hydrate before and after using Detoxi in any form.

Detoxi Bamboo Salt (1 bottle)


Detoxi Bamboo Salt (3 boxes)